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I’m just a Mommy At Heart

7 Aug

I’m a casual kind of girl, I like to sport a comfy t-shirt and weather appropriate bottoms. It’s just easier to grab a comfy t-shirt and go, not to mention these boys don’t allow me much time to think about fashion.

Cute and funny t-shirts are my favorite. I LOVE novel-t’s. I have a lot of t-shirts that are great conversation starters.

When I found Mommy At Heart I was in love and there is no doubt in my mind that I will own each of their designs. Mommy At Heart is what I call a win win. Their t-shirt designs are adorable and they donate $5 from every shirt to a worthy charity.

With the way my boys have been acting, my first shirt was the Corrections Officer…It seemed fitting. I can’t wait for my Marketing Director shirt to get here, that’s going to be my Sunday grocery shopping shirt.

My Life In Mommyland

Anyway, back to these awesome shirts.

The shirts are made of 100% preshrunk cotton that screams of quality.

But the very best part.

I mentioned that $5 from every shirt is donated to a worthy charity. You might be wondering what charity, and you’re going to love this. There’s a new charity every month! That’s right, Mommy At Heart will partner with a different non-profit organization to help causes like women’s health, education, clean water and animal cruelty…That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For the month of August, Mommy At Heart’s charity of choice is Brittany’s Hope Foundation. BHF works to help lower the cost of adopting special needs children from around the world. Every child deserves a loving home, right? Brittany’s Hope is making that happen.

There’s even something in it for YOU!

That’s right, the wonderful people at Mommy At Heart are offering a limited time discount to you, the My Life In Mommyland readers. Go check out Mommy At Heart, pick out a cute shirt or two (or three or four or eight) and use the code Mommyland01Readers89 at the check out for 15% off your order. But hurry, this offer is only good until August 13th.

Give them an idea for a new design and you could see your idea on their next AWESOME shirt.

What do you think, are those shirts cute or what?

Disclaimer: I was given my Corrections Officer shirt complements of Mommy At Heart. As always, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 

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