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What’s On My Running Playlist. ::UPDATED::

21 Jan


I’m a music lover. I like to have music on while I do everything from driving to showering so it’s no surprise that I need music when I run.

There’s probably a good reason why I like music when I run, there are some studies that show listing to music while running can boost performance as much as 15%. Music does a great job tricking the brain into blocking those feelings of fatigue. There’s even some studies that go as far as to give an optimal BPM for running.

I’m not to concerned with the studies though. I like to do everything to music.

Sometimes I don’t really even hear the song playing in my ear because I’ve got my mind on other things, be it speed, distance, direction, weather, or something entirely unrelated to running. Other times I find myself singing along or smiling at a favorite song. ┬áMusic is all just part of the freeing running experience for me. It’s part of the “me time” that running provides, that escape from my everyday life.

Before I share my playlist with you I want to let you know that just because a song is on my playlist it doesn’t necessarily mean I like that particular artist. I picked these songs based on the songs themselves, not the people who created them. Not all the songs are super fast but they all have their own little way of motivating me to continue on.

running playlist

playlist 2:4

My Running Playlist is over three hours long and always plays on shuffle so I have a good variety of music with every run. By listening on shuffle it takes a lot longer for me to get tired of a song and kick it off the list.

Many of these songs were on my original Running Playlist. I’ve added more to that original list and unfortunately some songs have been given the boot. It’s important to keep it fresh so you can enjoy your time running and not have to keep skipping songs you no longer want to listen to.

There you have it, this is what keeps me going for all those miles. Sure, I need my music to keep me going but I always make sure that it is never too loud and that I can be aware of my surroundings. For more ways to keep yourself safe while you run, check out my Tips For Running Safety.

What’s on YOUR playlist?

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