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30 Day Mommyland Squat Challenge

2 Jan

Losing weight and exercising, or some variation of those words, are pretty common New Year’s resolutions. This year, Mommyland wants to help you get started and keep going.

This year I’m going to challenge you…and myself to complete a few fitness challenges.

For January we’re going to try out the 30 Day Squat Challenge to get our booties in shape.

Squats are an easy to do and can be done just about anywhere. Ginger Zee of Good Morning America is known for doing squats while she brushes her teeth.

I’ve created the easy to follow calendar below to help you through the challenge. Just click on it for a printable version you can hang on your fridge (or anywhere else you may hang things). By the end of the month you’ll be cranking out 250 squats!

30 Day Squat Challenge  copy

I will also post the challenge on the My Life In Mommyland¬†Facebook¬†page every morning at 6am eastern so you’ll know where we are in the challenge.

Proper form is essential to make sure that you see the benefits of the exercise, and more importantly to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Below is a diagram on what you need to do. If you’re not familiar with squats, please visit Professor YouTube and watch a few videos.

squat challenge

You don’t have to bite it all off at once either. To start maybe try ten squats each commercial break of your favorite show or something similar. As long as you end each day completing the given number of squats you can call it a win.

We’ll start today! Before the end of the day do 50 squats. Come on, you can do it! Don’t forget, check the Mommyland Facebook page to follow along with the challenge.

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