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Every child deserves a family.

29 Sep

I’m a mom…DUH. I love my kids and can’t imagine a world without them (even though they drive me crazy on occasion, OK daily).

In my humble opinion, every (responsible) person who wants to be a parent should get the chance to be one. Most importantly though, EVERY child deserves a home and a family who loves them.

Recently, I was contacted by Kelly from The Raudenbush Family and asked to share something with you. Kelly is a mother whose life was forever changed through their adoption of a little girl with CHD from China. Kelly’s life changing adoption gave her the inspiration to found The Sparrow Fund. Started in the spring of 2011, The Sparrow Fund supports adoptive families by providing grants to pay for preadoption counseling and support, medical reviews of the child who may become their own, in-country support while they travel around the world to bring their child home, and postadoption counsel as their family goes through transition. In short, The Sparrow Fund helps people who want to be parents give a deserving child somewhere in this wide world a home. It doesn’t get much better than that people.

I’m so happy I was given this opportunity because it opened my eyes up to something I knew absolutely nothing about…Thanks Kelly!

The Sparrow Fund hasn’t stopped their amazing work with adoption though. They’ve partnered with a group of women in Nairobi, Kenya who have been broken by war and HIV, but are made whole caring for the orphans in their community. These strong woman are selling their handiwork to help support their families, but because they believe so strongly to the work The Sparrow Fund is doing, they are gracious enough to allow some of the profits go to help fund the grants through The Sparrow Fund. All of the hand made items at The Nest are simply gorgeous. I can guarantee that if you stop by, you will have to have something.

Let’s all take action and help The Sparrow Fund make dreams come true. Incase you need more incentive to help support the cause, I’m going to do a little giveaway here to entice you. Kelly has been kind enough to give me a par of earrings from The Nest to give to on very lucky reader.

These could be yours! This beautiful pair of earrings is hand made of paper. That’s right, paper. Each bead is hand rolled out of recycled magazine or calendar pages and takes about 15 minutes to roll and varnish. Talk about a labor of love.

Want them? Here’s what you need to do:

Entry 1 (MANDATORY) : Visit The Nest and come back here and tell us what your favorite item is.

Bonus entry 1: Go to The Sparrow Fund’s Facebook page and like it, then come back here and let me know you did. Please don’t clog up their page by telling them I sent you, they’ll just be happy you’re there.

Bonus entry 2: If you tweet, tweet the following for 1 bonus entry PER DAY. Help The Sparrow Fund see one more child with a forever family and one less orphan in the world. And win some earrings from @MommylandMychal

Get your entires in fast, I will choose one lucky winner on Monday, October 10th.

If you don’t win, I implore you go to The Nest and buy one (or more) of the beautifully hand crafted items or go to The Sparrow Fund and donate directly there. The Sparrow Fund is truly making a difference one family at a time, help them see one more child with a forever family, and one less orphan in the world.


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