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The Top Ten Things I Shouldn’t Have To Say To My Kids (But Still Do)

25 May

In no particular order here are things that I actually say to my boys on a fairly regular basis.

Things I shouldn't have to say

Don’t let these sweet faces fool you, I have to say these all the time. Boys are GROSS!

  1. Don’t pull the cat’s fur out. She’s getting older and she’s not a big fan of that. 
  2. Don’t eat your toenails. Ya like that one don’t you?
  3. Did you remember to wipe your butt? I wonder when I’ll get to stop doing the secondary “clean up”?
  4. Get out of the litter box. Totally gross! I don’t understand the draw to where the cat poops. 
  5. Close your mouth when you kiss me. How does my three year old even know about tongue?
  6. Get your dirty socks of the kitchen table. Boys are so disgusting.
  7. Don’t lick: Why oh why do they insist upon upon tasting everything? 
    1. That sign
    2. The windows
    3. The cat
    4. Your brother
    5. The wall
    6. That pole
  8. Make sure you rinse the shampoo out. One would think that after six years we’d have that bathing thing down pat. 
  9. Get that wire off from around your neck. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
  10. Stop playing with your penis. That obsession starts young doesn’t it?

What are some of the things you never thought you’d have to say to your kids that you now find yourself saying almost daily?

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