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Real Heroes

20 Aug

My Life In Mommyland

My kids have never really been into superheroes. They’ve never been interested in pretending to be Superman or Batman. They’ve never wanted those adorable capes to run around in.

My boys want to be a different kind of hero…They want to be Turf Heroes.

They look up to their father and he’s the only hero they’ve ever really wanted. They love that he works on a golf course. They love that he gets to play with all kinds of big boy toys. They want to be just like their Daddy.

The other day I overheard something while they were playing that had me laughing for hours. I swear sometimes I have no idea where they come up with some of this stuff.

We have a friend, his name is John and he’s a pretty awesome guy. He’s a professor at Penn State and I think the boys have met him exactly one time. John comes up in conversation at home on occasion but I’m not really sure the boys know what he does. I guess they think he’s like their Daddy so he MUST be cool.

Well, the other day Cameron and Logan where actually fighting over who was going to be John. “No, I’m John Kaminski!” No, I’m John Kaminski!!!” They went back and forth with that for a good five minutes until I told them that someone could be Dr. Mike (another totally awesome PSU Turf guy).

My kids don’t want to be ordinary superheroes, they want to be Turf Superheroes. Hey, I’m not going to complain when they are pretending to be a Ph.D., what mother would’t want her son to grow up to be a doctor of something?

I really don’t think that Bill has any clue the kind of impact he has had on his boys, they want to be just like him. For as much as the Turf Lifestyle causes stress in our household I think this story is proof that the boys have embraced it. In their opinion, out of all the jobs Bill could have, he’s got the coolest one.

Do your kids ever pretend to be something or someone unexpected?


I’ve been inspired!

6 Aug

My Life In Mommyland

This summer gets FOUR thumbs up!

This summer has been so different from summers past for me. Since having kids in the Turf Lifestyle, my summers have consisted of long days trapped in the house alone with the kids. Even on the weekends we didn’t do much because of Bill’s job, we never knew when the golf course would need him.

What made the difference? My new friends, the women who have become like sisters (or distant cousins) to me…My fellow Wives of Turf. Unlike my blogging buddies and my other friends, these women know what it’s like to live this life.

My new friends know that my husband doesn’t miss out on a lot because he doesn’t want to be with us. They understand why he has to always have his smart phone on his hip. They know that there is no leaving work behind, the golf course might not physically follow him home but it’s always with him.

I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to meet these women from all over the country and all over the world. I’ve been able to take solace in the fact that I’m not alone in this lifestyle, there are thousands of women who know exactly what it means to be a part of the Turf Lifestyle. Over the past year, these other women have been my rock and have probably saved my husband a lot of grief from me.

Living this lifestyle isn’t always easy, but I know when it gets tough they’ll be there to help me through.

Reading the things that the other Wives of Turf do to keep themselves and their children busy during the busy season, when our husbands can’t always be around, inspired me. Their stories ignited the spark that turned into the flame. As I read about vacations and trips to the zoo, all done without the help of their husbands, I realized if they can do it so can I. And The Summer of Mommyland was born.

Never in a million year did I think I’d be a part of such an amazing and inspirational community of caring, funny, and marvelous women. We all live different lives but we are bound in the Turf Lifestyle and it’s a pretty special bond?

What do you draw your inspiration from?

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