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How The Peloton App Sparked A Love Of The Treadmill

26 Oct

Disclaimer: The opinions below are mine and mine alone. Peloton has not sponsored this post. However, should they wish to provide me with one of their amazing new treadmills I’d be more than happy to do a whole series on it!

Back in the day when I was running regularly I constantly said I hated the treadmill. It was even one of the 36 (More) Fun Facts About Me (Number 6)! As a road runner, I found the treadmill boring and tedious. The time would fly by out on the road but every step was torture when I had to step on the tread.

Then I stopped running one day. I got dressed and when I went to lace up my shoes I had a full-blown anxiety attack, so I ripped my shoes off and never ran again.

Fast forward a few years

Without running and having a full time desk job, the pounds started sneaking on. I had to do something.

We bought a spin bike that would work with the Peloton iPad app, I tired it a few times but had a hard time getting into it. The bike wasn’t really my thing since I was convinced it was trying to kill me every time I used it.

Then while Bill and I were away for the weekend I tired a Peloton tread workout in the hotel gym. It was love at first step. The instructor was fun and engaging and before I knew it I had finished the class and I felt amazing. We bought a new treadmill on our way home from that very trip.

The instructors

I have yet to find an instructor that I don’t like. They all make you feel like you’re right there in the studio with them. I often find myself talking to them and answering their questions…out loud.

“How you feelin’ Peloton?”


I feel like I know them, they talk about their lives, their families, their pets. In fact, during the height of COVID, I was invited into a few of their homes to take classes (virtually of course).

The instructors inspire me and push me to do better and be better both on and off the tread. I feel like I get more encouragement from the instructors through my iPad than I ever did when I went to actual fitness classes at the gym.

Seriously, these people are the best of the best at what they do!

The classes

There is quite literally something for everyone in the Peloton app. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, there are MANY classes for you to enjoy…BOTH live and on demand.

Oh my God, the live classes! I cannot express how exciting it was when my favorite instructor called my screen name (Mommyland05) out during my 100th class. He even made a comment about what Mommyland might be like, he imagined a Spa being involved. We all know that’s not the case.

Anyway, back to the classes.

The app has a great filtering tool so you can find the workout that fits with not only your ability but your available time.

The app has eleven workout genres so you can be sure to have a well rounded routine. Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Meditation, Running, Outdoor, Cycling, Stretching, Tread Bootcamp, Bike Bootcamp and Walking. Like I said, something for everyone. There are many classes that don’t require any equipment, so even if you don’t have a home gym there is something for you.

The equipment

While I wish I had a Peloton tread, I do not. My bike isn’t a Peloton either. I just can’t find it in me to stomach the price tag of Peloton equipment right now…Maybe someday.

I have a Bowflex tread and weights, and a Schwinn bike and the app works great with all of it. All the same classes and instructors that come with the Peloton equipment come right inside the app. No need to break the bank right away.

The bottom line

The Peloton app gives you world class fitness instructors and thousands of classes right on your tablet, phone or even some streaming devices, all for the more than reasonable price of $12.99 a month.

You also get a great community! You’re able to see the leaderboard and give out high fives to anyone and everyone on it. You can join a group who share your interests as well, just by searching the hashtags. All of the instructors encourage you to follow them on social media and they actually interact with you there.

Right now you can get your first 30 days with the Peloton app for free. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

Are you already using the app? Tell me who your favorite instructors are!


Adventures in Health (Volume 6)

2 Jan

It’s getting cold out there and it may or may not be time to take those workouts indoors. When it comes to my workouts I’m more of a live and let live kind of girl. You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.

That being said I do have some gym workout pet peeves.

My Top 5 Gym Workout Pet Peeves

1) If you’re into yoga or want to get into yoga, do everyone a favor, be on time for class and stay until the bitter end. There isn’t much worse than being in your yoga zone only to have your concentration and relaxation interrupted by someone who is coming into class late. It’s also frustrating when you’re relaxing in your Shavasana at the end of class and someone is packing up and walking out the door. You’re not the only one in class, so try and respect those around you.

2) Also in your yoga class, don’t crowd someone. Just because your mat isn’t touching their’s doesn’t mean you’re far enough away. The last thing you want to be doing is smacking someone when you’re doing your sun salutations.


3) Moving on to the track, make sure you read the rules for the track before you take off running. A lot of indoor tracks will alternate directions each day to help with wear, please run in the correct direction. Another thing to remember is that you’re often not the only person on the track so be mindful of others around you. Look before passing someone so you don’t step right into someone else’s path. Also, if your track asks for walkers to be to the inside, don’t go walking around the outside of the track.

4) Into the fitness center. No matter what equipment you’re on please, please, PLEASE wipe it down when you’re finished. No one wants to use something with your sweat all over it. With winter being the cold and flu season this could help you and everyone else stay a little healthier.


5) Also in the fitness center, if it’s at all possible leave a buffer between you and the person next to you. With all those treadmills why are you going to hop on one right next to someone else…unless they’re your friend. Going along with number four, some people sweat more than others, if you’re one of those people chances are you’re slashing them with your sweat. GROSS!

We can all get along in the gym this winter as long as we are mindful and respectful of each other.

What are some of your workout pet peeves?


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