Pillow Talk

5 Jul

By far my favorite time of day is my pillow talk with Cameron. Just about every night, I hop Cameron’s all too tiny Lightning McQueen bed and we talk about our day. I ask him what his favorite and least favorite parts of the day were and then he asks me. A lot of the time we end up giggling uncontrollably.

I love our pillow talks so much because no matter what happened that day, all is forgiven and forgotten. Even on our worst days we can end on a high note and that means the world to me. I hope that when he gets older it’s something that he will look back on and smile.
He was pretty funny tonight. We talked about our trip to Giant, which lead to everything Cameron ate today. “…Then I put some cheesy snausages in my belly…” He didn’t want to talk about his least favorite parts of the day today, just all his favorites. Then with a big hug and a kiss we said our goodnights and I tucked him in.
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