Why do they need so much stuff

10 Jul

Bill and I will be away for about 36 hours and the boys will be staying at my parent’s house. Even for an over night across town these kids need to haul so much crap with them it’s a good thing I have a huge SUV.

My parent’s already have a lot of the essentials and I still find myself emptying my house into my truck. There’s bottles, and formula and baby food and Cameron’s new favorite cereal, and that’s just to feed them. There’s the pack and play, the random toys Cameron just can’t live without for 36 hours. There’s sunscreen and hats. Two suitcases with clothes and diapers. And God forbid we forget to bring the stuffed friends.
Why is it that the smallest members of the household need the most amount of stuff? With everything that I need to remember for them, it’ll be a small miracle if I remember everything I need for myself.
I guess in the end all the packing and preparation is worth it for my 36 hours of peace, alcohol and adult conversation.
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