Y? Because.

8 Jul

Even before Cameron was born people told me to make sure I take time to do something for myself. Besides the sleep whenever you can advice, the do something for yourself advice was the best I’ve gotten. There have been so many times where I have lost myself in the day to day of motherhood. Who has time for them self when there are children to take care of and stimulate, laundry and cooking to do, a house to clean and errands to run? Find the time. Make the time. Sometimes it just meant taking 15 or 20 minutes to myself in my room.

Joining the YMCA was by far the best thing we have ever done. They have babysitting for the boys so I don’t have to wait for Bill to get home to go. Cameron has a beautiful play area with lots of other kids his age to play with, so he enjoys it there. Logan doesn’t seem to mind the infant room, it’s full of all his favorite toys. The babysitting will take them for up to 2 hours at a time. I can drop them off and take a class or just go up to the fitness center with my music.
The Y has been my saving grace; a guilt free way to take the time for myself that I need. Worth every penny we spend to be members. The mental benefits of exercise have made me a better mother. I don’t feel as stressed after some time at the Y as I feel when I’m home all day with the kids. I can see a huge difference in my level of patience.
With all that said, if I could offer one piece of advice to new mothers, it would be to get out and take some time for yourself. Whether that time be a bubble bath, pedicure, shopping trip or some exercise, do it. You will be amazed at just how refreshed you will feel when yo come back.
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