This Mommy needs a vacation!

11 Aug

I love my boys dearly, but man do I need a break. The few hours I get here and there away from them is just not enough anymore. I need to get away and recharge the batteries.

Of course in true SAHM fashion, I feel guilty for wanting to get away from these kids. Should I? I wanted these children, they were BOTH planned, is it normal to want to be away from them for at least a couple days at a time?
It was so much easier to get away when it was just Cameron. It is definitely much easier to find a place for one child. Now that there’s two, it’s a tall order for the grandparents. Maybe once Cameron is in school it will be easier to get away, but full day school is still 3 years away. God help me if I have to wait that long to go on vacation without the kids.
I always say, “It’s not vacation if you have to take the kids.” I stand by that; any mother of young children knows taking them on vacation tends to be A LOT of work. To me it’s more stressful to take them away for a week than it is to just stay home.
I’m hoping to get away to San Diego for a few days in February (6 months from now). Say a little prayer for me since the last time I was away without children was January 2008…YIKES! That’ll make for just over two years without a vacation.
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