Wireless Wednesday

23 Sep

A quick note; I received a suggestion that I do a Weight Loss Wednesday, so I will be alternating between Wireless and Weight Loss on Wednesdays going forward.

About a year ago Bill was pushing me to get an iPhone, I don’t remember why, but I do remember not wanting one. Now, a year later, I can not imagine my life without it. It’s become almost like another appendage. In that year I have found various ways to both make my life easier and occupy what little down time I have (usually at night before bed).

I’m a list maker by nature, a to do list, a grocery list, a list of bills that need to be paid this pay period, you name it, I make a list for it. Without my lists I’m sure I would never get anything done.

I desperately needed a new way to organize my shopping lists, so I hopped on the iTunes app store and read all the reviews until I found one that would work for me. What I found was Grocery IQ. For a mere $.99 I had everything I needed to organize my lists for all the different stores I frequent. I can organize each store so my list goes in the same order as the store’s isles, so I don’t need to back track if I forget something. If I can’t get out to the store, I can email my list to Bill so he can do the shopping for me. I can also enter items on my list just by using the bar code on the package. There are lots of options within the individual items to add size, price, notes, and quantity. When shopping, as I pick up the items on my list I touch the check box and the item is moved to the bottom. Once I finish shopping I hit the checkout button and all my items are saved in the history so I don’t need to type them in again, I just go into the history and check the items I want on my list for next time.

All in all this app has saved me time backtracking through the store for items I may have missed, paper writing out my lists, and money since I don’t buy things that are not on the list. Grocery IQ is easy to use and intuitive thus making me a more efficient mommy. Check¬†Grocery IQ¬†out for yourself.

Have an app you just can’t live without? Tell me about it, email me at MyLifeInMommyland@me.com.

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