Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended…Even for a second!

30 Oct

Yesterday Logan let me know that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with, he is going to continue to give me a run for my money at every turn. Our family room doubles as a play room for the boys; every toy you could possibly imagine and a TV that gets about a hundred thousand kids channels. It’s very child proof, outlet covers all over the place (man do those things piss me off), gates at all entrances so they can’t get out, and it’s carpeted so I don’t have to worry too much if someone falls. 

Here’s the scenario, Cameron is up for his afternoon nap, Logan is playing in the family room, and I’m trying to get a little bit of house work done. I peek in the room every couple minutes to make sure he’s not being naughty, don’t judge me, every mom does it, why do you think there’s a Nick Jr.? 
As I’m cleaning in the kitchen I realize it’s gotten kind of quiet in the other room, so I tip toe to the doorway to see what that kid is up to. Oh. My. Goodness! My crafty little 11 and 1/2 month old has climbed onto the tote of Cameron’s art projects (that needed to be put away). He then proceeded to grab the box of glazed donut holes I had put on the back of the couch earlier that morning and forgot to put away. When I caught him, he was sitting on the tote in a pile of crumbs eating a donut hole. I have no clue how many he ate before I got to him. To make it worse, he seemed to have eaten the glazed part of the donuts and left the centers behind. 
This is the scene I walked in on, notice the donut in each hand. Clearly this kid is fearless, and he was apparently hungry too. Oh, and of course he decided to do this about 20 minutes before dinner. For about an hour after this incident, he was giggling and laughing uncontrollably, I guess that was the sugar high.
So for all you moms out there who think you’re the only one who sometimes uses Nick Jr. or Playhouse Disney as a “babysitter” so you can get just a little bit of work done, you’re are most certainly NOT alone. And for all the moms out there who think your kids are the only ones who get in to things they shouldn’t, nope, they ALL do it.
I want to hear what your kids have been getting into; comment or email me at
Have A Great Weekend and Happy Halloween!!
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