A holiday must have.

23 Nov

Happy Moneyday to all! Today’s money saving tip is more of a time saving tip, but you know what they say, time is money! This service is a huge time saver, and it’s the perfect time of year to try it out. You don’t have to be a mom to be busy, and you don’t have to be a mom to use RentARunnerNow.com. This past weekend I had the honor of trying this new service available in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. RentARunnerNow.com is there to help us all get stuff done. Whether it’s doing your grocery shopping or waiting for the cable guy to get to your house, RentARunnerNow.com is there to make your life easier.

I was very excited to receive an email asking if I wanted to try out this service for my blog. I seem to always be running out of something and usually my errands take me to opposite ends of town. I was running a quite low on diapers, so to avoid having to use duct tape and paper towels on Logan, I contacted RentARunnerNow.com to pick some up for me. Since just a pack of diapers is pretty boring and not much of a challenge, I also asked for a bottle of my favorite (and previously blogged about) champagne, Rosa Regale. Within hours of sending my request, my items arrived at my door. Now, of course the speed of your order will depend on the availability of Rebecca (the “runner”). I was given my items along with the original register receipt. A deposit for your order needs to be made in advance via PayPal (which is super easy). Make sure you leave a big enough deposit, or else you can’t get everything on your list. If you do over pay in your deposit, the balance can either be put towards your service fee, or you can request a refund. My time is pretty valuable, so the service fees that RentARunnerNow.com charge are worth EVERY penny. While these fees are subject to change, generally you can count on $20-$30 per quarter hour. You can pay the service fee either by cash or PayPal.

My experience with RentARunnerNow.com was GREAT! This time a year, when there’s gifts to buy, food to buy and then prepare, kids to haul all over town and a million and one places you need to be, why not make life a little easier by getting some help? Here’s the best part, anyone who mentions Life In Mommyland through the month of December will receive 20% off their total service fee. So head on over to RentARunnerNow.com and check out what service will help make your life a little easier, I know they all would help me. You can even check their calendar to see if they’re available when you might need them. Don’t forget to mention Life In Mommyland when you contact them.

Have a great day! Happy saving!

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