Life in Mommyland just got a little more interesting.

20 Nov

As if there isn’t enough going on in Mommyland, now I have a new obstacle to overcome. Logan has figured out how to escape the playroom. I will admit, it is funny to watch my little Houdini at work, it is amazing how he is able to problem solve even at the age of one. The problem: “I don’t want to be in the playroom.” The solution: “Find a way out.” I can almost hear his thoughts, “I gotta get outta here.” One night when my Mom was babysitting she noticed Logan eyeing up the gate on the stair side of the playroom (AKA family room). Less than 24 hours later Logan had figured out how to get out of that gate.

A couple of days ago Logan and I were hanging out in the playroom (Cameron was napping), when the phone rang. I answered and left Logan to his own devises in the playroom. I could hear him the whole time and every couple minutes I peeked in to make sure he wasn’t playing with something he shouldn’t be. Then I  noticed it got really quiet in the playroom. I peeked in and called Logan, no answer. I go in the room, and look around, and Logan was no where to be found. Both gates were closed AND locked, but Logan wasn’t in the room. I run up the stairs and there he was, playing in my room. It took me a little while to figure it out; is there a way he opened the gate, went out and closed it behind him? At the time it was the only explaination, that is until the very next day.

We had to kind of rig the one gate since the stairs in our older home are a little funny at the bottom. My little munchkin figured out that he can actually squeeze himself between the rail on the gate and the bottom rail on the banister. I caught him in the act yesterday while I was getting Cameron’s coat on the go to school. This never was a problem when Cameron was a baby since he was a much bigger baby. Once I found out how Logan escaped I stuffed a pillow into the gap. Yeah, that worked for about two seconds before he just pulled the pillow out and tossed it aside.

Logan is most definitely my little daredevil. The kid has NO fear whatsoever. His other new trick is to climb on Cameron’s kid size La-Z-Boy chair, stand up and hang over the back. I guess you have to be a tough guy when you have a big brother who likes to torture you. Thank goodness the playroom is 100% baby proofed or who knows what else he would be getting into.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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