My Black Friday Success Story.

30 Nov

I feel like I spent the past few days in some kind of turkey coma. With the last of the leftovers to be eaten tonight in Bobbie style sandwiches, we’ve put another Thanksgiving in the books. I am by no means a Black Friday shopper, I hate the crowds of ignorant, cranky people. I had absolutely NO intentions of going anywhere near a retail location. All that changed when Bill came home from work with a rather large Visa gift card, and told me to head to one of my favorite clothes stores, New York & Company.

Everything in the store was 50% off, so I knew I was in for some savings and I could double my money. I love coupons and I’m not afraid to use them, so I searched through my collection and found a $50 off a $150 purchase. SCORE! A huge thank you to the Kid’s Stuff Coupon Book I bought from my nephew.

I made a few laps around the store, picking up everything that caught my eye, then headed off to the fitting room. I must have been in there forever as I made my way through my HUGE pile of goodies. I separated my pile by yes and no, and broke out my iPhone to start calculating. I still had some money to spare! I gave my unwanted items to the girl in the fitting room and headed out to find some more.

There I stood at the check out watching my items add up; $147 (and change), I didn’t spend enough! I turn around and grab two pairs of socks and with that I can use my coupon. Total spent, $103.67. I saved over $203, there is nothing better than saving MORE than you spent. Oh, and I STILL have money to spend on my gift card. Below is a picture of my take for the day.

The breakdown:
Black leather belt
2 pairs of socks
Cable cardigan with satin tie
2 V neck sweaters
Sequin flower t-shirt
Long sleeve satin trim t-shirt
Side ruched top
3/4 sleeve sweater
And a super cute wrap
All in all it was quite a successful trip. Want to catch some deals of your own? Head to New York & this Cyber Monday (that’s today) for 50% off EVERYTHING, plus free shipping (with promo code 4041)!
Happy money saving Monday!!
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