Save money on Christmas lights

10 Nov

First let me apologize for my absence this Moneyday. Without going in to detail, we had a family emergency Sunday night which left me in a zombie like state yesterday. To make it up to all of you I’m giving you two for Tuesday; a money saving tip AND a yummy and delicious recipe.

I got today’s money saving tip from Mama Cheaps. The Home Depot is doing their own Cash For Clunkers this holiday season. Bring your used or broken incandescent Christmas lights to the Home Depot until November 15th and receive a coupon for $3 off a set of LED Christmas lights. There is one small catch, only 5 strands per customer. By trading in your old lights for new a new LED set, you’re not only going to save on your electric bill, but you’re going to do something good for the environment too. Home Depot is going to recycle your old lights so they’re not going to be sitting in a landfill until the end of time. So go dig out those old lights and head to Home Depot to get some new LED lights.

Have A Great Day!

(Stay tuned for a Tasty Tuesday recipe)

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