Step your way to weight loss.

11 Nov

A few weeks ago I told you about my adventures in ZUMBA. I was looking forward to trying different things to lose weight and get in shape, I saw that the Y also offered step aerobics classes. With beginner step, step and step advance to choose from I knew I had to start at the beginning.

I walked in to the first class and was either 40 years younger or 140 pounds lighter than anyone in the class. I figured, “Hey, if they can do it, so can I.” So I went in the closet and pulled out a step and four risers (2 for each side), and found a spot in the back. The music started, it was some late 90’s techno versions of Cher songs. Oh boy!

Yeah, that first class I felt pretty uncoordinated. I couldn’t even tell you what the other people in the class were doing since I was too busy trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Oh, and the best part is that the room is lined in mirrors, so just about everywhere I looked I could see just how ungraceful I was. YEA!

I can say, as the weeks went by the people in the class got younger and the moves started to come a little easier.  If you’re looking for something a little different to add to your workout routine, I highly recommend step aerobics. Even with an instructor old enough to be my mother, who’s appearance is not what one would think of when thinking of a fitness instructor, you can get a great workout that burns some serious calories.

I’m trying to broaden my horizons in the gym and try some new fitness classes. Any recommendations? Let me know what you think, comment here or email me at

Happy Hump Day!

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