Wireless Wednesday…Mommies Getting "Mobile Mileage"

4 Nov

In October’s issue of Golf Course Industry Magazine, my husband, Bill was featured in the cover article, Mobile Mileage. In the article, Bill discusses how his iPhone is his “most powerful on the job tool.” As a SAHM, I am living proof that you don’t have to have a job to have a “powerful on the job tool”! There are things that I do that my iPhone makes quicker and easier. This Wireless Wednesday I will run down my top 10 iPhone apps. 

1) facebook
Like most people I know, facebook has become sort of an addiction for me. I love to see what everyone is up to. Lately I’ve been using it to get information from other mothers and vent my frustrations about the local YMCA. The facebook app for iPhone is free (of course) and since the latest version came out, I find it easy to use with a great interface. Being that the facebook app is consistently in the top free apps, I’m sure that anyone who has an iPhone and a facebook account already has it, so I don’t really need to say any more.

2) Grocery IQ
Back on September 23 I blogged about this app and how much it has helped me make and organize my shopping lists. I’m sure this app will more than pay for itself (99 cents) when you save money by making a list before you go shopping since people tend to spend less when they go prepared.

3) Who is Hot?
No, this app isn’t about celebs and their latest scandals. Who is Hot? is a great weather app that has kept me dry on more than one occasion. Weather Underground has done a fantastic job with this app. With local, animated radar, I am able to see if it’s about to rain at the park or if I’m going to get wet trying to leave the mall. Who is Hot? also lets you see how the weather is where any of your friends live (as long as their address is in your contacts). Along with animated radar, is shows current temperature and conditions and an extended forecast. All these great features are FREE!

4) Shazam
It always happens to me, I’m in the car and a great song comes on and I have no clue who sings it or what the name of it is. I used to pray that I would remember to look into it when I got home and I would inevitably forget. Now, I just open Shazam and poof, there’s the name, artist, and album of the song on the radio. Shazam also has options to preview and buy on iTunes, see a You Tube video, get lyrics and much more (that I really never use). I don’t think I’ve ever been able to find a song that stumped Shazam, and the best part, it’s FREE. My musical sanity has been saved!

5) Tweetie
Despite the fact that I’ve been on Twitter of a few months I still really don’t get it. I’m not quite sure why people who I don’t even know would care what I’m up to at any given part of the day. These days I use Twitter to advertise my blog, and I’m sure some of you reading right now found me through Twitter. Mainly, I use Tweetie to keep up with local news (6 ABC) and some businesses and other Mommy blogs I follow. As one of many apps for Twitter, this one is actually free and works great for the limited amount of time I spend on Twitter.

6) McCormick Recipe Finder
As a mom always looking for something new and different to make for dinner, this app has become invaluable. With Recipe Finder, you can search by ingredient or meal, and get this, there are even recipes for sidewalk chalk and silly putty. You can add recipes to your favorites so they are always just a few taps away. You’re probably thinking I paid a lot of money for an app this cool…Nope, it’s FREE!

7) Bank of America Mobile Banking
Although I’m not the one making the money, I am the one who manages it. All our Bank of America credit cards and accounts are linked through our online banking and this app allows me to move money between our accounts, check balances and find a location whether I’m home or on vacation. Just like most of the other apps on my iPhone, this one is free as well. 

8) Paper Toss
With two kids, I spend my fair share of time in doctor’s offices, at soccer practice and swim lessons. Sometimes I need a game to play just as much as my kids do and this is one both Cameron and I love to play. There are three different versions of this game on iTunes, of course I have the free one. The object of the game is to get the crumpled piece of paper into the trash can from different distances with a fan blowing at different speeds. It’s just a few minutes of mindless fun to add to your day…Check it out.

9) Bump
I think this is one of the coolest apps, but I really don’t use it too much. I mainly only use this one to trade photos with Bill. You choose what you want to “bump”, contact info, emails, photos and then just “bump” the two phones together. Just like that, the info you wanted to share is on the other phone and the info your friend wanted to share is on yours. No more emails and text messages to get info. You guessed it, it’s FREE!

10) State Farm
With this app I am able to get my agent’s contact info, see my insurance cards, submit a claim, find an agent, find a repair center, and many other services I might need while I’m out (rental car, gas station etc). Although the insurance ID card that this shows is technically not what my state might require me to show in the event I am in an accident, I’m sure it’s better than having nothing if I can’t find the paper one in my glove box. I really hope I never have to use it, but if I do I can easily make a claim with pictures, a diagram of where on my car the damage is, location and who was involved and send it right off to State Farm. When I bought my Jeep, the dealer gave me a little package with a disposable camera, little note pad and a golf pencil incase of an accident. I wonder how well that film will develop after it’s sat in my super hot and/or freezing cold glove box for a couple years? This app is a MUCH better option. Don’t have State Farm? Not to worry, most insurance companies have these FREE apps for their customers and they all do pretty much the same thing. Check out iTunes for your company.

Yesterday someone who knows I’m a huge iPhone user asked me if there was an app for my blogging, (I’m pretty sure she was trying to be funny). I hadn’t really ever looked before, but now I have Blog Press Lite on my iPhone and am currently checking it out. Look for my take on it in a Wireless Wednesday to come. Bill tried it for his blog and likes it. There is a paid version, but I of course, have the free one. 

Happy Hump Day!
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