"And it keeps gettin’ better…"

16 Dec

A couple of months ago I told you about one of my favorite and most used iPhone apps, Grocery IQ. Well, I just had to talk about it again and tell you about all the awesome updates they just came out with. With all the new updates, and great things this app can do, it’s hard to believe it’s still only $.99.

Incase you missed my last blog about it, Grocery IQ is an awesome app for the iPhone that allows you quickly and very easily make your shopping list. Shop at more than one store? No problem, Grocery IQ lets you make different lists for different stores. Grocery IQ also allows you to organize each store’s aisles, so you can have your items listed in order of appearance across the store. As you find your items, just tap the check box and the item is moved to the bottom.

OK, now that you have the gist of what Grocery IQ is all about, let me tell you about the updates. I am a HUGE fan of coupons, I use them everywhere I shop. Now, Grocery IQ has a coupon section. Powered by Coupons.com, you’ll have hundreds of coupons to choose from all in the palm of your hand. By clicking the coupons tab, you can go through the available coupons to print, or you can find coupons that you can put directly on your store savings card. The list of stores available to add coupons to your savings card is still rather small, but I’m guessing it will get bigger as more stores start offering the option. As of right now, only Safeway, Vons, Genuardi’s, Carrs, Randalls, Dominick’s, Pavilions, and Tom Thumb offer the coupons on the card. No worries here, until my stores add this feature, I can pick coupons to print. If you have a wireless printer, you can print right from your iPhone. No wireless printer? No worries, you can email a link to yourself to print them off your computer.

Sometimes I’m not the only one doing the shopping, and I need to send my list to Bill. Now, sharing lists is easier than ever. I can sync my lists with Bill’s phone instantly. Or if Bill thinks of something he needs me to pick up, he can add it to my list himself and not worry about forgetting to tell me later. Hubby doesn’t have an iPhone? No worries, you can email your list to him, so he can stop at the store on his way home from work.

By far my favorite new update is the scan feature. Just yesterday I ran out of my McCormick minced onions, all I needed to do is break out my iPhone, go to my list and hit the scan button. My camera automatically opens, and all I have to do is allign the barcode on the bottle with the arrows on the screen. The app takes the picture for me and finds the item by the UPC. Just select the item and it is added to your list. As soon as I saw this feature, I went through my pantry scanning just about everything. I can honestly say it got each and every item right, the size of the product and all. The only thing I noticed is that it couldn’t place every item in the correct aisle, so I had to enter the aisle myself. In my option, a small price to pay for such a cool feature.

This app is a must have for anyone who goes shopping and has an iPhone. Grocery IQ gets two thumbs up and 5 stars from Mommyland! Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever did your grocery shopping without it.

Happy Hump Day!

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