Tasty Tuesday…Yummy Family Day!

1 Dec

With the holiday season officially in full swing, the Brown family took a fun road trip this afternoon. We made the hour and a half trek east to Hershey’s Chocolate World, man am I glad I worked out this morning. The park itself wasn’t open, but there is plenty to do in Chocolate World with the little ones.

First, there’s the FREE Great American Chocolate Tour which takes you through how Hershey makes it’s chocolate. There are even three singing cows which make a few appearances through out the tour. Cameron wanted to just keep riding that one. There’s the Really Big 3D Show, that charges a pretty small admission price. You can take a trolly through Chocolate Town, USA on the Hershey Trolly Works. What could be more fun than a singing trolly driver?? The trolly also charges a small admission. NEW for 2009 is the Chocolate Tasting Adventure. YUM! For a small fee you can learn about the different types of chocolate and taste a few. At the end of the tasting you get a Master Degree in Chocolate Tasting. I think I could earn my doctorate in that pretty easily.

Last time we went to Chocolate World (way before Logan was born), Cameron did the Hershey Factory Works. There you get to have your picture taken for your official worker’s ID tag, then you move on to filling a gear with Kisses, do a little dance and send the gear on it’s way to be packaged. This time Cameron decided to be shy, but Logan was totally into it. With a little help from Mommy, he made his own gear full of Kisses, which he LOVES by the way. Did I mention they get a factory worker’s hat too? It was around $14 for the whole experience, and he walked away with a hat, ID tag, and a big plastic gear full of Kisses, not to mention he had a ton of fun doing it.

On the Weekends, Santa is there for pictures in front of a house made COMPLETELY of Hershey’s Chocolate products. But the place to get into real trouble is the store. Since it is the holidays, most of the candy was on sale. I love how you can get candy there that you can’t find in the stores. There will be no weight loss this Wednesday (or any other day for that matter) in my house for a while. We bought so much candy that the handles broke off the shopping bag. Although, in my defense, some of it is for gifts.

After our adventure in Chocolate World, we loaded up in the Jeep and headed over to the Sweet Lights drive through display. With something like 2 miles of Christmas lights to see from your car, it really is a must see. It’s $20 per car to get in and you drive at your own pace (within reason of course). There are hundreds of animated displays along the 2 mile path. A must see for this time of year.

I highly recommend Hershey’s Chocolate World for a fun family road trip. You really don’t need too much time, we got there around 2:30 and made it back home by 8. I didn’t feel like we missed out on anything and it was the perfect length of time for the little men. If your kids still have a favorite “friend” they sleep with, I would bring it for the nap time also know as the ride home. It was a fun family day for all, and it was quite tasty.

Make your Tuesday a Tasty one!

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