Thankful Thursday…Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

We’re almost there! One day of baking left and then a day of food, family, and champagne and Christmas will be over. I’m very thankful just to see an end to the holiday season in sight. Yeah, I know I’m a scrooge, but this is the time that my house is a mess (well, messier than usual), and everywhere you go is crowded with miserable people.

Today I’m spending some time over at my parent’s house baking with my Mom. I’m thankful to be able to spend some quality time (without the children), doing something fun with my Mom, we don’t have those opportunities as often as I would like.

If you have kids, and even if you don’t go see NORAD Track Santa as he flies all over the world to bring gifts to all the good girls and boys. Once you get there, click on the tab that says “Track Santa in Google Earth”, it’s the best way to track him.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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