This Mommy is going on vacation!

16 Jan

I always say it’s not vacation if you have to take the kids. Tomorrow I will be making an exception to my rule as we head off to Disney World. I guess I kind of split the difference with my not wanting to vacation with kids; we are taking Cameron and leaving Logan home with my parents. At 14 months, we thought he was too young to take along and he would slow us down and be miserable.

So off we go, to see Mickey (well actually Lightning McQueen), with a very unpredictable 3 year old. While he is a good boy most of the time he has his moments when he wants to do what he wants to do and that is that. He promised me this morning that he was going to be the very best version of himself while we are away, so I am hopeful.

I am not only leaving my youngest son behind, but I’m leaving my laptop behind too. I will be able to see comments left and receive emails, but I will not be posting while away. I will also be making frequent Twitter updates which you can follow here (to the right), or become a follower of @bouncermb.

Don’t forget to get your daily entries in for the book giveaway!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful week! See you when we get back!

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