A major diet pitfall for us mommies

24 Feb

You’re doing so well; you’re watching what you eat, you’re controlling your portions, you might even be tracking what you eat with a food tracker. But there’s a sneaky little bugger just waiting to derail all your weight loss efforts.

It’s your kids…

If they’re young, you’re most likely preparing all their meals for them, right? Without even noticing it I’ll bet that you’re also taking a few nibbles off their plates in the process. A chip here or a few goldfish crackers there might not seem like a lot, but all these little mindless nibbles add up.

Or it could be even worse, if you’re like me, you might think, “I’m making Cameron a ‘Poo Jelly’ (that’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich), so I’ll just make one for myself too.” That would be fine if 1) I could stop with just one poo jelly, and 2) I didn’t have my own lunch after Cameron went for his nap.

All this munching off the kid’s plates can add up to 100 extra calories or MORE. YIKES!

There are two ways you can deal with this little issue. You can either STOP taking food out of your children’s mouths. That’s how I have to look at it, if I make it seem like I’m doing something bad for them, it’s much easier to not do it. OR, you can allow for your little nibbles. Cut something else out of your day, forgo the mid afternoon snack.

Most important, try to stay aware of what you are putting in your mouth all day. No more grazing through your days.

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