How did this happen?

27 Feb

Sorry I missed yesterday, it was another snow day and I was working on not losing my mind while trapped in the house with my 2 small, very active children. I spent the better part of my day thinking about how a prison cell would be a welcome vacation right about now. I know some of you are probably shocked and appalled by that, I also know that some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Something else happened to me yesterday that I’m a bit hesitant to talk about, but I figure what the hell. I came to a realization yesterday and I’m not too happy about it.

When I was pregnant with Cameron, I did some time on modified bed rest. With that came a lot of hours logged in in front of the TV. When I wasn’t freaking myself out watching the Discovery Health channel, I was watching Maury and Springer.

About twice a week Maury was doing one of those please make over my wife, she’s let herself go shows. I would see these women looking like hell in oversized tee shirts and sweat pants. Their hair looking dirty pulled back in a pony tail. I always wondered how these women got like that, they couldn’t possibly be that bad all the time.

Yesterday I realized, I AM one of those women. Most days I don’t even bother getting dressed. Why bother if I’m only making meals for the boys, doing laundry and pushing a vacuum around the house? There are even some days that come and go without me finding time to shower.

How did this happen to me? I used to be the girl who wouldn’t leave the house without her hair done, make up on and a cute little trendy outfit on. I see some of those other mommies out there who look all perfectly done up with the kids in tow; I suspect they take their heads off at night and keep them on the nightstand. Am I jealous of these women? Hell yes! I would like to know where they find the time and energy to put themselves AND their kids together before they leave the house each day?!?

I guess the person to suffer the most since I let myself go is Bill. He’s got to come home to me looking a mess each day.

I need a mommy makeover. Can someone please kidnap me, take me to a spa, outfit me in a new, cool wardrobe, and then send me home to my boys?

Are you a mommy? How do you find the time to put your self together each day? Or maybe you’re like me and you’re cruising around your house in sweats and a tee shirt each day.

I don’t want to be a “Maury Mommy” anymore! I guess the first step is admitting that I have a problem.

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