Logan does NOT heart the doctor!

4 Feb

At some point in everyone’s life, I’m sure everyone is afraid of the doctor. It’s normal and natural to get a little nervous about doctor visits. What is not normal is working one’s self into a hysterical state over a routine visit.

Logan gets himself so worked up, it’s almost funny. Even when he was a little baby he had an abnormal distain for the doctor’s office. As soon as he would get in the elevator he would start to cry and he would let up until he was safe in his car seat. I keep hoping he’ll grow out of it and realize there’s nothing so bad about the doctor. So far, no such luck!

Yesterday was Logan’s 15 month check up. I must have bumped my head when said I would take Logan alone and leave Bill and Cameron home.

We got to the office, and he was fine at first. Until I tried to put him down so I could pay his copay. That’s when the screaming started. Now I’m sweating.

By the time we made it back to the weigh in area Logan is in a full tantrum. There was absolutely no comforting him. Trying to wrestle him out of his clothes was kind of like wrestling an angry gator. When I plopped him on the scale, he immediately pushed off the wall and nearly launched the table across the room. He ripped the head measuring thing right off his head and wanted no parts of being there.

Ah, finally back in an exam room…STILL screaming though. Logan refused to let me put him down, so there I was with my very unhappy 25 (ish) pound baby killing my arm. He had finally started to clam down by the time the doctor came in.

He took one look at her and started to get upset again. So there I was, my arms shaking and about to fall off from holding him for so long, sweating like it was summertime. I answered all the doctor’s questions and had mine own questions answered, then it was time for the moment I was dreading.

Exam time. Screaming time. Mommy sweating her ass off time. I need to remember to go is shorts and a tee shirt next time.

Logan was slightly less distraught for the exam than he was for the weigh in. In a few short minutes (that seemed like FOREVER), it was over and the doctor was gone.

The worst was yet to come. The nurse returned to give Logan 4 shots. Yes, I said FOUR! Two in each little arm.

All done, now all we have to do is get dressed. Again, it’s like wrestling an angry gator.

I understand a little apprehension about doctor’s visits, but Logan takes it to the extreme. He makes it more stressful for everyone than it really needs to be. More importantly I’m fearful that something could get overlooked since Logan gets so upset the doctor doesn’t get a good look at him.

Do your kids get upset about trips to the doctor? Tell me your doctor’s office horror stories; comment here or email me at MyLifeInMommyland@me.com.

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