This mama is mad!

25 Feb

So last week I was trolling the Mommy Blogs and came across a GREAT deal on Mama Cheaps. I went back today to link you to the post, and it would appear it has been taken down.

Anyway, Snapfish was offering 6 free photo coasters when you open an account. The deal was sweetened further by the code for free shipping. I rushed on over to and signed up. I uploaded my photos and ordered my free coasters. A few hours later I received my confirmation email that informed me that my order would be shipped in a few days. YAY!

Or so I thought…

Yesterday I received another email, which I thought was to let me know my order shipped. NOPE! Here’s the email I actually received.

Dear Mychal,

It has come to our attention that an expired offer featuring coasters was incorrectly added to your new account. We regret the error yet we’re pleased to tell you that the intended offer – a FREE 5″x 7″ greeting card – is waiting for you. Use the link in this email to log in to your account, create a card featuring your favorite photo, and get it FREE. We sincerely apologize for this situation and any inconvenience it may have caused you.*

Please click here now to create and order your FREE greeting card.

Thank you for choosing Snapfish!


The Snapfish Team

First I would like to say that it is not my problem that they had some technical problems. Their website said I was entitled to free coasters, and I want my free coasters! A 5×7 greeting card? Really? No thanks!

In this economy, I think it’s some pretty bad business practices to pull this kind of stuff. Your website messed up, honor the people who ordered and move on. I would think that it’s probably a better idea to send out some free coasters and have people come back for their photo needs then have people (like me) angry at their bait and switch and NEVER order from Snapfish again.

OK, thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations. I’ll see you later for some tales from Mommyland!

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