Where does he get this stuff?

19 Feb

At first I had to do a double take. I had to ask him to do it again, just to make sure that I really did see what I thought I saw. I have to admit, it makes me laugh every time I see him do it, but I know it needs to stop before he does it when he shouldn’t.

My three year old thinks he’s a stripper. Yeah, that’s right, I said stripper.

He shakes his little butt while making a little beatbox sound. Mm Ch, Mm Ch, Mm Ch, Mm Mm Mm Ch…

I’m not quite sure where he picks this stuff up, I know I don’t do that…At least not while he’s around (HEHE). I can certainly say I don’t go rubbing my butt on other people. I would like to think he didn’t pick it up at the Lutheran preschool we send him to either.

Yesterday he was kind enough to do his little dance for Jen after she finished cutting his hair. A few days ago he did it after he got undressed for the bath. Yeah, naked shaking his “money maker”. The he did it again this morning after breakfast, I guess that means he was happy with what he ate.

I know he keeps doing it because I laugh every time he does it, but come on, do you think you could hold back the giggles if your three year old was doing a little dance to his beatbox? The only time he stops doing it is when I try to video him. How perfect would that be to show his prom date or future wife?!?

What do you think, is this just harmless fun or is my little boy going to be a Chip & Dale dancer? Do your little ones have a stripper dance in their arsenal? Is there anything your toddler does at home that you’d be mortified if they ever did out in public? Share here or email me at MyLifeInMommyland@me.com.

Have a fun filled Friday!

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