Kids: The Carrier Monkeys In Our Lives.

13 Mar

Black and White Clip Art of a Woman Blowing Her Nose

Here’s how it starts, your oldest comes home from school with what seems like just a little runny nose. Harmless right? This time of year it could even be the start of allergies. 

The next morning the little one wakes up with that same runny nose. Looks like Cameron brought home a spring cold. Oh goodie! It seems to be pretty harmless, just some yucky stuff dripping from little noses all day long, it’s not slowing them down at all.
The next morning you wake up feeling like you swallowed glass. GREAT! What started as something seemingly harmless with the kids has turned into a full blown, knock you on your butt cold for you. 
Kids are just cute little carrier monkeys. They pick up germs from anywhere and EVERYWHERE and give them to you. 
No matter how hard you try with the hand washing and hand sanitizer. No matter how many hours you spend with the Clorox wipes cleaning your house and car. It doesn’t matter how many precautions you take, they will pick up something. In my experience, it usually isn’t anything too serious until it makes it’s way to the adults in the house. 
So here I sit on a rainy Saturday morning, sipping hot lemon tea with honey to sooth my raw throat. Every so often I chase down a little one to wipe a nasty little nose. With any luck, this will make it through the house and be gone by the time the rain stops. 
Have a GREAT weekend!
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