Please excuse the interruption in Mommyland.

24 Mar

I think I needed a little break from the blogging. Heck, I needed a little break from Mommyland.

After dropping Cameron off at school yesterday I took the rest of the day off as a wife and mother. I went out and had some retail therapy, and boy did I need it.

Of course today I paid dearly for such a relaxing day during the work week. Today nothing seemed to go right, from about 12am on my day was a challenge. Yes, I said 12 AM.

Between my 3 year old setting his alarm clock for some random time in the middle of the night waking everyone but himself to a cookie baking disaster, it was a looooong day.

With any luck I will be back on my usual blogging schedule tomorrow.

Have a great night, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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