Remind me again why I volunteered…

25 Mar

24 hours from now I’ll be on my way south for a weekend of relaxation without the boys. Thank goodness! I am in desperate need of time away even if it is only for a day or two.

Yesterday I had the great cookie disaster of 2010. I had been meaning to try out cookie recipes a few weeks ago to make sure I had one down for Cameron’s school Easter party. Of course being the procrastinating mommy that I am I never got around to it.

I’m not too bad in the kitchen, but baking really isn’t my strong point. I followed the recipe to the best of my limited ability and in the end I had trashed my kitchen, and had nothing but a sticky glob of dough that refused to be rolled out. After nearly two hours, the dough was in the trash can, the kitchen was clean again and I was completely deflated.

So cookies from scratch weren’t going to happen, but thankfully Betty Crocker makes a cookie mix. Truly a mother’s best friend when it comes to being a school snack provider. A trip to Giant and about 45 minutes and the cookies were cooling all over my kitchen counters. Since Bill is the artistic one in the family he did the decorating, which I of course took full credit for. Here’s how they came out, not too bad for our first attempt at special treats. Sorry the picture is sideways, stupid computer!

Cameron was so proud of his Mommy’s cookies, which made me pretty proud of him. I know in only a few short years he’ll be mortally embarrassed by my existence. Cameron’s pride for his mommy helped in my constant need to be validated as a mother.

Happy Thursday! Check back later for a new tip I picked up while on my break from blogging.

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