Save some money on silver.

22 Mar

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m a girlie girl, and like most girlie girls I like things that sparkle and shine. I’m talking about jewelry here. I recently came across a website where you can get cute little pieces for a real steal. is the place to go for silver earrings, pendants and rings. The price seems almost too good to be true at $6.99 per piece, but I assure you, it’s true. I scoured the site for the catch and couldn’t find one, so I ordered myself a little something.

Last week I picked out a pendant with a blue topaz stone (my birth stone). I placed my order on the 17th and to my surprise, it arrived on the 20th via USPS. Below shows how is was shipped to me; the pendant was in a little baggy, inside a cute mesh bag, inside another little baggy, in a padded envelope.

Like most things, I was skeptical, but I figured $6.99 was a small amount to part with to see if there was something wonderful lurking online. How would the quality be? Surely it would be junk for $6.99.

Once it arrived, and much to my husband’s disappointment, I took my expensive diamond pendant that hubby got me for Christmas a couple years ago off it’s chain and replaced it with my new $6.99 silver one.

The first thing I noticed was the weight, it was significantly lighter than the pendant it had taken the place of. Below is a picture of my usual pendant next to my new one. You can easily tell why it felt so much lighter.

I also noted that the color of the stone was not as brilliant as it looked on my computer screen. It was also a bit smaller than I expected, but in defense of the pendant, the dimensions were there when I ordered it, I should have paid closer attention.

Like I said, I put it right on so I could get an idea of the quality. Since Saturday afternoon, I’ve only had it off to photograph it and it’s still in excellent shape. Wearing it to bed and in the shower for the past 2 days (yeah, I know it’s not a long time), it didn’t bend, scratch or tarnish. Really it doesn’t look like I’ve even worn it.

The Silver Jewelry Club, is here just to try and gain some exposure and use this free jewelry (you just pay the $6.99 shipping) to entice you to go to their main catalog site for the rest of your jewelry needs. I was there, and let me tell you, I had to hide my wallet to keep from ordering. The best part, there are no limits on the number of free pieces you can order.

I’m very happy with my purchase and plan to use Silver Jewelry Club again for myself as well as for gifts. Go check it out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can pick up for less than $7.

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