What a morning!

19 Mar

I was already a little anxious when I woke up this morning; Cameron had his first “real” play date. Yes, we’ve done park dates and a friend was nice enough to take him for a few hours while we were doing some remodeling in the house. But actually going to someone’s house to play for the morning is new to both of us. I don’t even know the proper protocol for something like this. Couple that with my shy, sometimes introverted nature and I was a little nervous about what the day was to bring. I know I don’t seem shy here, but I kind of am in real life.

Keeping the above in the back of your mind, here a little taste of how my morning went up until our play date.

I got the boys dressed and down for breakfast. Cameron, being nearly 4 sits like a big boy at the table, while Logan is still in a high chair. Well, I must not have secured the tray on to the high chair properly since no sooner did I sit down to eat, Logan launched his try across the dinning room sending a shower of cheerios and banana slices EVERYWHERE! The loud crash that the flying tray made must have scared him since he immediately started to scream and cry. Now I’m tip toeing through the mess of cheerios to get him calmed down.

One mess down, an undetermined number of messes to go…

I was on the phone with my Mom when Cameron announced he was going up to go potty. Nothing out of the ordinary there; until he comes back about five minutes later. “Mommy, I farted, and it was wet, and now there’s poop in my underwear. I’m sorry.” Yes, my 3 year old sharted! Mind you he was still dressed, so I assumed he was still wearing is poopy underwear, I could only wish. I told him to go in his bathroom and I would help him get cleaned up. “Mommy, go in there and look.” “Look at what Cameron?” “That’s were my poopy is.” A little puzzled, I walked into the bathroom. Nothing in the potty, but the floor was wet.

When Cameron was potty training, if he had a #2 accident, I would turn his underwear inside out and dunk it in the toilet to get the “extra” stuff off. Do you see where I’m going here?

He dropped his underwear in the toilet, fished it out then tossed it up next to his sink. Wet floor mystery solved.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Little boys need to sit down to put there underwear and pants on. Little boys are also not too good at wiping their behinds. Do you see where this one is headed? Yep, two brown spots on my tan carpeting. This day has now escalated to a, “this is not my life” kind of day.

Here’s where I give you a quick product plug. Have little kids? Animals? Both? Go invest in a Bissell SpotBot. I set that sucker over the Cameron spots and just pressed go, a few minuted later…POOF, they were gone.

The excitement in my house was not over yet…

Of course, we were running late to our play date by this point. I was rushing to fill a couple sippy cups with water to bring along and Cameron comes running up to me and accidentally stomps on my foot. This not only caught me by surprise, it hurt. I let out a yelp of pain which startled Logan (yes, Logan), who promptly started to cry. Now Logan’s crying, I have tears starting to well up and you guessed it, Cameron becomes hysterical. I comfort my boys, hobble to the door and off we went.

Just another day in Mommyland!


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