The best parts of being a mother.

30 Apr

Cameron will be 4 on Monday. I really don’t know where the time went, it feels like just yesterday he was my chubby little man. The older he gets the more he knows exactly what to do to make Mommy angry, and he does it on a daily basis. But there’s more, he also is more able to get me laughing so hard it hurts with each passing day.

Some of my family and facebook friends have already heard this one, but I had to share it with the rest. Yesterday, I sat on the couch sipping my tea while watching GMA. Logan was in his high chair (where I can still see him) eating breakfast and Cameron was running around like a maniac. All of a sudden out of nowhere, and just as I was taking another sip of tea, he stands in front of the TV and says, “I’ll tell you the news, it’s windy!” Where does this kid come up with this stuff? Of course, I nearly choked on my tea as I broke into hysterics which only egged him on. He’s Cam, my little ham!

Thursday night is hands down my favorite night of television. I got comfy in bed to watch my shows from 9 to 11. A few times I heard Cameron come out of his room to go potty, which is normal. The kid must go to the bathroom a dozen times before he actually falls asleep. Well, at around 10:30 I heard him come out, but it wasn’t followed by the sound of him in the bathroom, instead it was followed by the sound of him at my bedroom door. I figured he was just coming to see what I was up to since my light was still on, not out of the ordinary for him. I told him, without even getting out of bed or looking at the door to get back in his room. I heard the pitter patter of his feet followed by his down closing behind him. At 11 I went to go check on the boys one last time before I drifted off to sleep and when I got to may partially closed door I saw a light.

I think I need to back up a second here. A few days ago my grandmother gave Cameron this really cool RC car that looks like a monster truck that has tires that light up blue and headlights that come on when you drive it. He loves that truck and likes to have it in his room with him at night. Of course we take the remote away and leave him with the truck.

So back to last night. The light I saw at my door was blue and I knew right away what it was…It was his truck. I first thought, “How cute, he left his truck at my door.” When I opened my door, next to the truck was part of his pajamas. As I bent down to get a better look, it was his pajama top. His pajama top that was helplessly stuck on the antenna of the truck. I actually had to cut the pajamas off the truck to get them free. I went in to Cameron’s room, and there he was, sleeping face down, topless. Not wanting to wake him, I covered him with a blanket and turned the space heater on in his room.

But the story continues…

Bill went in to get him up this morning so that they could go to work, and Cameron was wearing a different pair of pajamas. I went to look for myself thinking maybe Bill had forgotten what PJ’s he put Cameron in last night, and he was indeed in a different pair. I looked to his dresser and his pajama drawer was still slightly open from his search for new PJ’s.

Sometimes I wonder about that kid.

Being a mom is hard work, it tests your patients. It tests your sanity. It even tests your self esteem from time to time. But it’s the moments that have you laughing at the cute or funny things your little munchkins do that make it all worth while.

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