Life on The Hill.

2 Sep

The Hill, it’s how we refer to our new home. Really, it’s not too clever since we have a house that sits waaaaay up on, you guessed it, a hill. We’ve been enjoying life up on the hill for a month now, but I could probably fill a book with stories of what it took to get here.

Selling a home, especially in this market, is most definitely and adventure in and of itself. Now add having two kids and a cat to that equation and everyday is a three ring circus and I’m the Ringmaster. The kids making a mess in the center ring. Chasing down the cat and wrestling her into her crate in another. Mommy trying to get the house cleaned and staged in a third.

There came a point where I would cringe every time the phone rang, and my heart would stop every time I saw my agent’s name on the caller ID. I knew that every time my agent called a fire drill would immediately ensue. It was always easier when Bill was around to take the boys so I can run the vacuum and do a quick straighten. When I had to prep when Bill was at work it was enough for me to need a padded room. It felt like the kids were following me around the house with the specific task of messing up everything I would clean.

Having people in my home when I wasn’t there was a really strange feeling for me at first. I really wasn’t sure if I could keep doing it over and over. It really wasn’t helpful that the first people in to see the house left their foot prints in places that didn’t make me too comfortable.

Although it wasn’t something we planned ahead of time, a fresh vacuum on the carpets was a great way to see just how in depth of a walk through was made at the house. I vacuumed my way out of all the rooms so they were pristine with no foot prints. When we returned home after a showing it was really easy to see who was there (man or woman or both), and how far into each room they made it. That first visit I mentioned almost had me call it quits right out of the gate. We got home and took a look around the house to see where the foot prints lead. Well, one set of large prints lead right up to my nightstand which was on the far side of the room away from the door. Um, eewww. Really? Did you need to get so close to my bed? What exactly were you checking out on my nightstand? I felt so violated. I really wasn’t sure that I could go through this kind of violation over and over.

I did eventually get over my disgust of having strangers in my home while I wasn’t there. It was always easier when I could check the people out from a distance, but that wasn’t always possible.

Trying to sell a house sucks. This economy makes it suck even more. Having to wrangle kids and pets, on top of it all is down right maddening. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have to sell a house again for the next 40 years I’d be perfectly happy.

Anyone else have a good house selling story? Miracle of a quick sale? Nightmare visitors? I’d love to hear your home sale experiences, please feel free to share them here.

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