Today seems like a good day to start…

1 Sep

I’ve been thinking about getting my blog up and running again for weeks now. I’ve even gone so far as to start writing posts, that of course never get published. I’m sitting in my new kitchen playing with my iPad (that I think hubby is trying to steal) and it dawned on me that today is September 1st. The 1st of the month, a great day to start up my blog again.

I know I’ve lost a bit of credibility by taking such a long leave of absence, and I’m hoping to turn it all around starting now.

The past few months of my life in Mommyland have been absolutely INSANE! We bought a new house while trying to sell our old one. We’ve gone through multiple “fire drills” of getting the old house ready for showings. We’ve moved. We still have been unable to sell the afore mentioned old house. I went back to work part time. I suffered for almost three weeks from debilitating migraines. Logan cracked his head on our fireplace which lead to a trip to the ER (thankfully he is fine). Cameron fell in the driveway and chipped a tooth (he is also fine). I quit my part time job (look for a post on that soon, but I need to wait until after my last day). I’m sure there’s more, but I don’t even want to go there right now.

I’ve been feeling a little down lately as I try to adjust to my new life, and I’m hoping that by sharing my life with you I can turn it all around.

New things I have to share with you:
* How to adjust your children to a new home
* How to adjust your cat to a new home
* Tips for moving
* New ways to save money
* How to prep your house for a real estate showing when you have kids and pets
* And much more

Life in Mommyland is back in business!

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