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I’ve been trying to get back to my daily blogging for months now. I’m still struggling with Cameron’s afternoon preschool schedule. I’m still settling in at the new house. And I’m still trying not to lose my mind.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’ve started selling Tupperware, so I thought that pairing my love for plastic storage and my love of the blogging world together it would help me get back on the wagon. I’m going (to attempt) to do a weekly product spotlight for me to share with you my favorite things. I might even throw in a special deal now and again.

So here we go!

Tupperware Product Spotlight: Volume 1.0

By far, hands down, my most favorite product is ANYTHING FridgeSmart.

Let’s learn a horrible fact of life, and I think this fact is even more true for those of us with children. The average family throws away $400 worth of produce a year. WOW! That’s about what I spend a month on ALL my groceries. Since I’ve started using my FridgeSmart, I haven’t thrown out anything. These things are AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with a piece of plastic before, but I am certainly in love now.

Let’s see how they work…

On the front are these funny little nostril like things.

Both nostrils closed is great for things like berries, carrots, celery, button mushrooms (and much more).

One nostril open keeps your apples, citrus, peppers, herbs (and much more) fresh and yummy.

Heavy breathers, like broccoli, corn, peas, (and much more) prefer both nostrils open.

The funny little nostrils aren’t the only thing that make the FridgeSmart so effective. There are also these ridges along the bottom. Before I knew any better I thought they were for decoration… wrong again.

Pop quiz: What two things help your produce to spoil?

You guessed it, air (which was taken care of with the nostrils), and moisture.

Those ridges aren’t just to make the FridgeSmart look pretty, they help get the moisture away from your food. If your strawberries aren’t sitting in a puddle of their own moisture, they’re going to last a lot longer.

How much longer you ask? At least twice as long. I can honestly say I’ve had blueberries in there for just shy of a month and they were still yummy and delicious. I forgot about a bunch of grapes that got pushed to the back of the refrigerator and they were still sweet and juicy when I found them a couple weeks later.

It did take my mind a little while to get used to the fact that I was eating fruit that had been in my fridge so long. At first it didn’t seem natural to be able to eat the same strawberries I bought two weeks ago, I almost chucked them on principle (but I didn’t).

Getting back to those nostrils for a second…

You might be thinking, “How do I know which produce likes what kind of air?” Well, they come with a handy dandy cheat sheet that you can hide inside a cabinet near your fridge. But even better, it’s printed right on the side of your piece of FridgeSmart. Oh, and that’s not washing off, no matter how much you wash them. The chart you see below is laminated between two sheets of plastic.

The most important thing you need to remember when using your FridgeSmart is that you need to put your produce in them naked (that means don’t wash it first). Wash what you need when you need it, because remember, moisture is one of the major spoilers of your produce. 
Because I love my FridgeSmart and I want you to have some that you can love too, I am offering a special deal for any of you who want to order your own set of FridgeSmart.
A four piece set of FridgeSmart (which will give you a great start) will set you back $69.50 (+$11.45 shipping + your state sales tax). For any of you who want your own set, I will give you 20% off (after shipping and tax). If you need anything else, I will give you 10% off the rest of your order. Go here to shop around and see what you like. This discount is only valid for orders placed directly through me, and it’s only good until December 8, 2010. Email me at MyLifeInMommyland@me.com with your order or any questions. 
Not interested in my deal? Tupperware is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $99 or more until December 12, 2010. 
Stay tuned to see what other amazing things Tupperware has to offer. It’s not your mama’s (or your grandmama’s) Tupperware!
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