A New Begining!

18 Feb

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about blogging again. How many times I’ve thought of posts and topics in my head. How many times I’ve sat in front of an empty screen.

Well, today is the day…I’m bringing My Life In Mommyland back to life.

Why? Well, There are a few reasons, not all of them important. First, I’ve been reading a few things my friends have posted on facebook and thought, “Maybe I can help other mothers by sharing my stories and experiences.” But the big reason is that this mommy needs an affordable method of therapy. I remember back when I was blogging regularly, I felt more relaxed. I had an outlet for my days as a SAHM.

I think I walked away from my blog before because life got too crazy. Well, it’s still crazy, the boys are crazy and I think I’m on the crazy train too. Ever since I turned 30 last year I’ve been struggling with life’s questions; what am I doing with my life? Is this really what I want my life to be? Who am I?

Before dropping off the face of the blogosphere I think Mommyland was in crisis too. I didn’t know what I wanted Mommyland to be. Why was I blogging? What did I hope to achieve? I think I was trying to force it to be something it was not and maybe that’s why I couldn’t sustain it.

No more of that! If the only purpose of me doing this is to journal about life, then so be it. If no one ever reads about my little life, I’m ok with that. I’m just going to write what I want when I want and let Mommyland take me where she wants to go. Will I ever be on TV like so many of the other mommy bloggers I know? Probably not. Will I get a book deal to tell my story? Man that would be so cool, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Here’s my plan, if I want to share a yummy recipe, I will. If I want to tell you all about how crazy my kids are making me, I will. If I want to discuss how unfair it is that I’m not even 31 yet and have more grey hair than I should, I will. I hope you’ll come along with me as I make my way through my life as wife and mother. Who knows what this Life In Mommyland might bring???

I can see my mother rolling her eyes and I’m sure when she stumbles across my blog she will tell me to stop airing my laundry, be it clean or dirty on the Internet. Mom, try to keep an open mind!

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