Who needs Evel Knievel, I’ve got Logan

3 Mar

I’ve been hearing from other mothers of boys that they all have at least one…A daredevil. Their own personal Evel Knievel. A Kamikaze kid. It would appear that I am no exception to that rule.

While quieter than his older brother, Logan is fearless. I don’t want him to be a wall flower, but the kid could use a good dose of fear in his life. Just enough fear to give him pause before he partakes in one of his death defying stunts.

Since moving to The Hill Logan has gotten to be very independent, and that independence has given us two trip to the ER and countless minor injuries. Logan’s latest trip to the ER was earlier this week for his first set of stitches…IN HIS HEAD!

We have a finished basement and that is where I have banished all the toys to. It’s so nice not having the kid’s crap all over the house anymore, it actually looks like adults live here and not a band of preschoolers. On occasion the boys will sneak a toy or two up with them, and we had one of those occasions Tuesday afternoon.

Logan thought it would be a good idea to bring the gas station that belongs to the train table up to play with. A fight broke out between the boys over it and I told Logan to bring it back downstairs. “Aye aight mom.” And off he went. About 30 seconds later I hear a thud followed by a cry of pain. I jump up and run to the basement door and see him laying facedown at the bottom of the steps. Let me mention now that he didn’t go down the whole flight, just the last few steps. Anyway, he looks up at me with blood dripping down his face. A certain 4 letter word that would make my mother ashamed of me flew out of my mouth as I flew down the stairs and scooped him up.

It really will be a miracle if my kids don’t end up with mouths like truck drivers.

Thankfully enough it didn’t bleed as much as some head wounds can. I’m also thankful that Mommy’s little tough guy had stopped crying by the time we made it back up to the kitchen to examine the damage.

After cleaning his head a little to get a better idea of what we were looking at, we decided to err on the side of caution and take him to the ER. Since it’s not practical for all four of us to load up in the car, only one of us would go, and the other would stay home with Cameron. Did I mention my parents were heading over for dinner any minute? Since Bill didn’t think I could handle taking Logan, especially if he needed stitches, he took him. Wasn’t too happy about that one.

There are two ways to get seen fast at the ER; you either need to come in in an ambulance, or be a small child with a head injury. If you fit one or more of those criteria, there’s no waiting for you. Ok, it was helpful that there were only two other people there anyway, but we know the above to be true from our past experience.

Of course what I know of the events in the ER is coming second hand, but Logan was a little trooper. Four stitches, and a bunch of treats from the nurses later, and they were home. Of course, since I was feeling so bad for my little guy I let him have cake for dinner and showered him in extra love and affection. Well as much love and affection as he would let me shower on him.

I thought for sure that the experience would curb his reckless behavior. No such luck. I think it might have made it even worse. The following morning he literally jumped down the stairs. I caught him jumping on the couch. He tried standing on his booster seat. He continues to run around the house like it’s a racetrack. He’s even started jumping in his bed again. I promise I do supervise him!

Here’s a little peek at what the kid did to himself. The first picture is from the ER waiting for the doctor to stitch him up and the second is after he got home.

Although I hope this is our first and last time with stitches, I’m sure it won’t be. I’m sure my nerves will be shot by the time he’s 18.

Do you have a little daredevil in your life? Tell me about it.

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