How did I ever do this?

5 Apr

I once had two newborns in my house. OK, never at once, but I still had to take care of a non-sleeping newborn in my home.

I don’t know how I ever did it. How did I ever function through those sleepless nights? How did I manage to keep my eyes open during the days? I seems like a lifetime ago that I was up three of four time through the nights for feedings. So long ago that it’s barely even a memory. Like someone else had lived that part of my life. I guess since my guys started sleeping “through” the night at early ages and I didn’t have to deal with sleepless nights as long as other mothers do that I’ve forgotten what it’s like.

Today I’m reliving the newborn days. The days after the sleepless nights. I’m finding it hard to keep my head off the desk as I type this.

Cameron has been a little off the past couple of days. Yesterday he was slow to start, but said he wanted to go to school so I sent him. When I picked him up he was pretty quiet, and the next thing I knew he was asleep in the backseat. When we got home he wanted to play and enjoy the warm weather so badly, but I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. He just kind of walked around in circles not really playing at all. He had no interest in dinner for the second night in a row and actually fell asleep on the couch. Poor little dude had a fever.

Off to Giant I ran to stock up on medicine, Jello and Powerade to help make him better. He went to bed early and was out cold in a matter of minutes.

While I usually reside in the let sleeping kids lie camp, I was hell bent to wake him up every three hours to get some medicine in him. So every three hours my alarm went off and I stumbled out of bed to give him his next dose. It really brought me back to the days of the every three hour feedings, only this time it was the “xylophone” waking me up and not the crying baby.

So here I sit, exhausted and not quite sure how I’m going to make it through the day. Of course Bill has a lot going on at work today and might not make it home until AFTER bedtime. We really are the royal family of bad timing.


Check back later for more from The Mommyland Farm. Well, if I can manage to stay upright. ;-)

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