Motivation: It eludes me.

28 Apr

My house is a disaster area worthy of FEMA aid! To the non family members who should happen by, hopefully announced, I’m sure it looks tidy. Remember what your mama told you, looks can be deceiving. When you come to my house, please do not open any closets or drawers, as that is where the clutter from the counters and floors is hiding.

In the unfinished portion of my basement are boxes from phase two of our move out of the townhouse. There’s stuff in those boxes I could use, but I lack the motivation to go down and start digging. Also in that section of the basement are totes upon totes of kids clothes. Poor Logan has no PJ shorts to sleep in and it’s been pretty hot here. I know they’re down there, I just can’t seem to drag my ass down to get them out. When phase two of the move was complete, some items just got dumped in the dinning room to have a home found for them at a later date…They’re still there nearly two months later.

I’m struggling here. It’s not like I sit on my ass all day and watch TV, although I might like to. I’m making breakfast and lunch. I’m vacuuming the never ending storm of crumbs and debris the boys leave in their wake. I’m mopping up spills. I’m driving Cameron to and from school, a twenty minute one way trip. On occasion I’ll get a few loads of laundry at least washed and dried (getting it put away tends to be a challenge).

Inevitably though stuff collects here, there and everywhere.

I need some organization in my house. I need a schedule. I need to find the motivation to get my butt in gear and get ‘er done.

I spotted on Twitter yesterday a tweet that made me smile for a second and then say, “Hey, maybe that’s what I need to do.” The tweet said, “I may or may not have given myself a housecleaning pep talk in the mirror.” Maybe I need to look myself in the eye and say, “Get your shit together and get your house clean!”

When everything is neat and organized I feel so much more relaxed, it’s like a giant weight has been lifted. Of course, for me it never seems to last long before it’s a total mess again.

Of course my kids aren’t too helpful when it comes to letting me get stuff done. They let me get very little cleaning done while there awake, and there are things I can’t do when they’re asleep. The other day it was really nice out so I sent them out to play in the yard with explicit instructions that they are to stay in the backyard where I can see them. That lasted a few minutes before one wandered off. If they weren’t wandering around the house, they were in the backyard beating the crap out of each other. I guess I can be happy that at least the were in the back where I told them to be. I couldn’t even get the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher with them outside. It’s going to be a long summer if I have to be outside with them every single second. Not to mention the people who live behind us are going to think I’m a nut raising wild wolves with all the times I’m telling them to stop doing this, ¬†or please don’t do that, or Logan, don’t run over the propane tank with the Jeep.

My plan, if I can manage to stick to it, is to do a little something (besides my everyday cleaning) each day. I think that if I take it little by little I have a better chance of getting something accomplished as opposed to trying to tackle the whole house at once and fizzling out fast.

Wish me luck and send me some motivation!

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