Spring means golf season.

13 Apr

Spring is a funny time of year for me, I always find myself extremely conflicted. While I’m so happy to have the cold winter behind me and enjoy some warm weather, spring also means the coming of the golf season.

This time of year catches me by surprise every single year. One would think that going on eight years of golf seasons I’d be ready when Bill has to start working ALL THE TIME again. One of his buddies even suggested that I should be used to it by now. Truly, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

For those who don’t know, hubby is a golf course superintendent, and a certified one at that. That’s certified, not certifiable, although sometimes I wonder. ¬†As I’m sure you can imagine, the winters are our his slow time of the year, but come spring it’s balls to the wall all over again. I get used to having Bill able to help out with the boys, go places, and be home at a certain time and then one day…POOF it’s golf season and he’s stressed, working nutty hours and too busy to come home. It never feels like we’re easing into the golf season, it’s more like one day life gets all crazy again. This year seems especially shocking since we haven’t had any spring like weather, which is usually my first sign that I’m about to lose my husband.

While I’m grateful Bill has a job when so many are out of work right now, I hate his job. I might be a little biased, but he’s one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known. Only, like so many of the other hard working men, he’s way underpaid for the time and effort he puts in. Yeah, yeah, I now it’s because of his job (and a few other factors) that I get to live in my dream house on The Hill. I just wish he was appreciated a little more instead of being physically assaulted by a crazy lady in the club house. (Yes, that really happened!)

Summers are the loneliest time of my year. While most families are taking vacations and going to the beach, Bill is at work and I’m alone with the boys. Sure, he gets every other weekend off, but if something happens or there’s some kind of event, he’s there anyway. I spend most of my summers praying for rain, since that’s the best chance I have of Bill cutting a work day short. But then the rain in summer creates other problems that keep him on the course. Before the boys, I used to spend a lot of time with Bill on the course, but now that four of us need to fit on the Gator, it’s just not a possibility.

Every year I expect the summer to be easier. Easier on Bill and easier on the family. So far we haven’t had that happen, but I think this summer is our best shot since Bill hired an educated assistant. Keeping my fingers crossed that the new guy can make sure we get our two weekends off a month. If not, I might have to hunt him down and bury him on the course somewhere…Shhh, don’t tell.

Now I’m thinking of places I can take my boys by myself to get us out all summer long. The thought of taking my boys anywhere alone is actually pretty frightening, I prefer it when we have even ratios. Wish me and my family luck as we enter yet another golf season. Hopefully this won’t be the year I lose my mind.

It pays the bills

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