The Mommyland Farm (Volume 3)

6 Apr

Well, we’re finally starting to make some progress here on the farm. We got our hands on a rototiller that has some power. Amazingly enough, the bigger rototiller is MUCH quieter than the crappy one Bill brought home last week. The boys didn’t go running for the hills when he turned it on.

Bill making his first pass

First he got all the grass out of there, then he made the nice little rows for the “crops”.

Someday we'll have veggies here!

Before I go any further, if you’ve been following the progress of The Mommyland Farm you’ll notice I’m not in any of the pictures. Remember, I don’t do well with the manual labor stuff, click HERE for a reminder.

So there we go, we have the most of our crops started in trays, ¬†and the area of the yard has been tilled and shaped. We finally planted the peas yesterday since they should have been in the ground weeks ago. Here are the boys planting the peas, we’ll see if we can get them to eat them once they grow.

Cameron planting his peas

Logan & Daddy planting peas

Next up for The Mommyland Farm is to fence in the area to keep the animals OUT and FINALLY plant the rest of our crops. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will have that done by the end of this week. I’m starting to get excited to grow our own veggies, I’m even thinking of adding tomatoes somewhere too. If I can keep all this alive this year and we actually can get something to grow, I might just have to expand for next year. I guess I need to stop thinking like that, I tend to get a little a head of myself sometimes.

Stay tuned…There’s more to come!

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