The Mommyland Farm (Volume 4)

12 Apr

All is not well on the farm.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday, so I wandered out back to the garden to see what was going on. I was sad when I got there and saw the state of our plants. It would appear that the cucumbers didn’t make it. I thought the pumpkins were dead too, but Bill assures me that they are ok (for now). The cucumbers were doing so well in their trays and were getting so big they needed to be transplanted. I guess they don’t like the outside living. Of course the cucumbers were what I was most excited about. Damn it!

The cucumbers aren’t the only plants I’m concerned about, the peas haven’t made their appearance yet. I’m pretty sure they should be sprouting by now. The carrots haven’t been transplanted yet because they’re still so small and sickly looking. This is why I don’t have plants. Hell, at this point my kids are lucky to be alive since I’m their primary care provider.

I don’t even need to be near the plants for my black thumb of death to take them out.

Keep your fingers crossed that we’re not going to have to replace everything with pre-grown crops. The one positive we’ve got going on here on the farm is that the animals have left our crops alone. Of course now that I’ve said that we’ll probably have a wildlife party out there leaving nothing but paw and hoof ┬áprints behind.

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