Ain’t love grand?

15 May

I mentioned last week that Cameron has a girlfriend, after a few comments of facebook and Twitter I thought I’d share a little about him and his little girlfriend.

Cameron and Grace have known each other nearly all their lives, they’re young, so it’s only been a couple years. They met in an intro to preschool class at our local YMCA when they were two. From what I understand, they hit it off right away. From his first day of school he was talking about Grace, she was his gal pal. Here they are on one of their first “dates”, don’t let the fact that he has the back of his head facing her fool you, he was paying attention.

Grace moved away for a while, but Cameron never forgot her and often asked about her. He was more than overjoyed when I told him she would be moving back. If I’m being honest, I was pretty happy about the news too.

Grace is everything that every mother of a boy wants for her son; she’s smart, funny, polite and as you can see from the pictures, beautiful. I just never thought Cameron would find that girl so soon. I mean really, can you learn to tie your shoes before you find yourself a girlfriend?!? By observing the way they interact it is plain to see that he would do just about anything for her, and she’s nice enough to not take advantage of that. Most little girls would have made my son their boy slave, but not Grace. The other wonderful quality about Grace is her parents, they’re fun to be around and a lot like Bill and I. OK, we let slide the fact that we’re an Apple house and they are PC, it’s kind of like religion and politics, we just don’t talk about it.

But I digress…

For Easter this year we had a bunch of cupcakes, and on each one was a little plastic ring. The afore mentioned rings were sitting on the kitchen counter one day and Cameron picks up a little pink egg and says, “Mom, can we have Grace come over so I can give this to her? She really likes pink and I think she’ll like it.” I think my heart instantly melted. The fact that my son thought of someone other than himself was amazing to me. The fact that he was paying attention enough to know she liked pink was even more amazing. His father could stand to get a few pointers from the kid. ;-) A playdate at our house just wasn’t in the cards in the near future so Cameron and I came up with a plan…I would send him to Lunch Bunch on a day we knew she was going too and he could give it to her there. He must have asked me a million times if I put it in his lunch bag before we left for school. So he gave her the ring and from what I hear she loved it.

We had Grace over the other day for a playdate and Cameron was very attentive to her, bringing her her juice to the swing set so she could drink and swing at the same time. It got a little too warm out for the kids, so I told them they could go inside and play in the basement to get cooled down. At first there was the usual ruckus down there, and then…it got quiet. I went down to check because any mom worth her weight in salt knows that a room of quiet kids is MUCH worse than a room of noisy ones. Sure enough the lights were off. I walked down the stairs to find Cameron and Grace cuddling under a blanket on one end of the couch while Logan was cuddling with the other little girl that came over under the blanket on the other. Once again, I thought I had a few more years before I had to worry about that behavior.

In talking to Grace’s mom, we don’t think she even sees the boy girl difference in them. Cameron is simply her friend and she loves him. I think Cameron is much more aware of the whole boy girl thing. He get so embarrassed when we talk about his girlfriend and doesn’t like to hold her hand in public. Mention the little pet names they have for each other and he goes nuts.  While he gets embarrassed when his affection is noticed or pointed out, it’s clear he cares very much for that little girl.  It has me wondering, is Cameron going to be Kevin to Grace’s Winnie? (That’s a Wonder Years reference there for those who didn’t pick up on it)

When you have two kids that get along this well and you get along with the other parents, how can you keep them apart? When a child shows so much love for someone who isn’t related to him at such a young age it’s a thing of beauty. I truly hope that Cameron and Grace remain friends even after they go to different schools and make new friends. I would hate to see such a wonderful friendship fade away.

Are they cute or what?

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