Fitness Fun (Volume 1)

10 May

Sunday I decided it was time to start exercising again. I can remember back to when I was working out everyday, and I was happier, less volatile and I got a lot more accomplished during my days. My Mother’s Day gift to myself this year was to become a healthier mama, and to lose a few pounds too. I guess they kind of go hand in hand.

So Sunday was my Day 1 in my personal fitness challenge. I know better than anyone that if I start out too strong that it’s not going to be too long before I fizzle out and revert back to my couch potato ways, so I started with something easy…Wii. The “game” I’m using now gives me one day off for every two that I exercise. I’m opted to not take that day off today and woke up early to hop on the elliptical for a half an hour.

Last night, before bed, I laid out my workout clothes. The good ones, not the hole covered tee shirt and ratty sweats. I put on the ones that make me feel like I’m in better physical shape than I really am. I figure if I feel good about how I look, even though I’m in the basement staring at the water heater, that I am less likely to flake out. It could have been my stylish workout outfit, or my new found drive to exercise…Or a little of both, but I kept my butt on that elliptical for the full 30 minutes I had intended. It wasn’t easy for me either.

Two minutes in my legs were saying, “Um, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Five minutes in I was thinking, “How could that have only been five minutes? How am I going to make it another twenty five?” By the fifteen minute mark I was thanking God that I only had fifteen minutes left. I think that’s when I went from glass half empty to glass half full. If I could make it through fifteen minutes, then surely I could make it through another fifteen which was really only another ten since I was going to slow it down for the last five as a cool down.

I think I’m going to have to get up and get my workout in BEFORE the boys get up. It was so nice to not have to keep yelling, “Knock that off.” and ” Leave your brother alone!” during my workout. It was also really nice this morning to have a few minutes to myself to regroup and prepare mentally for the day before the boys woke up. So I learned today that if I want to be successful I should probably become an early riser.

I’ve heard more than once (I think from a TV commercial for something) that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. I’ve been amazed at not only how true that is, but how fast it takes effect. I’m only on day 3 of my personal fitness challenge and I already feel more energetic. I’ve been accomplishing so much more around the house than I was even last week. I don’t feel nearly as tired as I usually do throughout the day. I hit a little wall this afternoon, but pushed right through it and came out the other end. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep this momentum going. Last night I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep without the assistance of a sleep aid. That is something new and welcomed in my life. It was nice to not wake up with a medicine hangover this morning, I think that helped me get out of bed early and get on the elliptical.

So far I’m off to a good start, more energy, just the right amount of soreness and a consistent three days in a row. You might be laughing right now…Three whole days? Whoop de do! Well, laugh all you want, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m starting from scratch here.

Do you have any pointers for how to push through the hard days? How do I keep this new excitement three weeks from now? I’d love it if you would share some of your tips and success stories with me.

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