How it ALL began.

12 Jun

I’m sure I would have ended up here in Mommyland eventually, but I want to share with you how I ended up in this particular Mommyland. This is my story of how it ALL began. This is the story of how I ended up here with so many of my dreams that have come true.

Here we go…

I met Bill on the heels of a breakup. It was actually the breakup with a “rebound” guy at the car rental counter at BWI airport that set me on my path towards Bill. The day after I returned from Key West, a newly single gal, I changed my AOL profile to single and added a few things about myself. Stupid stuff like, I enjoy outdoor activities  and Dave Matthew’s Band. The next night, while getting ready to hit my favorite bar for some karaoke (man, you’re really learning a lot about me not aren’t you?), there was a ding on my computer. These details are a little fuzzy, it was nearly eight years ago, but it was Bill. He had done a people search and my love of the outdoors (which while not really the truth wasn’t a lie either) and Dave Matthews had sent him my way.

We did what anyone does online, we exchanged photos. He was really cute with the most gorgeous blue eyes, but what really caught my eye was the Penn State degree hanging in the background. I remember looking up at the similar one I had hanging on my wall. Of course we did what most people who meet online do next…we meet in real life. Before I go on, I feel I have to stress, we did NOT meet on a dating site or chat room. I don’t judge people who meet that way, hey whatever works, but we did not. Just a simple people search brought us together.

We made our arrangements to meet up, I insisting on making it on my “home turf” so if he was a loser or a psycho I’d have people around who would have my back. As he walked in I recognized him right away, but my eyes were quickly drawn to the top of his head (which had been covered with a hat in the picture he sent me), there was nearly nothing there. I was a snotty 23 year old and he was bald, or I guess I should say balding. It wasn’t a deal breaker at the moment, but it was something I’d have to come back to. As far as first meetings go, it wasn’t half bad. I sang, he was impressed, we drank, talked and had a lovely time…Or so I thought. At this point in our lives, Bill was a triathlete and I was a smoker, so I excused myself to the ladies room to freshen up the breath for our first kiss. We left the bar together and headed out of the parking lot where I was given a firm handshake good night. A handshake? Really? What the hell was that? I’m not sure what it says about me, but I was looking for a little action in that parking lot.

Back at home I got on AOL and sent him a quick IM saying it was nice to meet him and that we should meet up again soon. It wasn’t until much later that I found out he had pretty much written me off and had it not been for that IM I would probably have never seen  or heard from him again.

Back to the whole hair thing, or lack there of I guess. It was something I struggled with the first few days of knowing Bill. Like I said, I was 23 and thought pretty highly of myself. I had fun with Bill, he was nice, funny and I enjoyed the time we spent together, was I really going to let his hair get in the way? Maybe. I was talking to some of the girls at work and one of them brought up a good point…They all lose their hair eventually. And that was when I decided that I wasn’t going to give up on something that could be pretty good over a little bit of hair.

We saw each other every single day in the first months with the exception of when I went on a trip to Hawaii. While I was away we talked on the phone as much as two people that many time zones apart could. He told me later that while I was on that trip, that’s when he knew he loved me. I guess what they say is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

A little more than four months later we were engaged, and a year after that we were married. Over six years of marriage, two kids, and four moves later, here we are. Of course I didn’t realize it back then, but my journey to Mommyland began September 27th 2003 and I couldn’t be happier to have ended up in this particular Mommyland.

Our wedding day

The honeymoon

Still putting up with my craziness after all these years

I wrote this post as part of Project Marriage being put together by Life Without Pink and Mommyfriend. Chick here to read more stories of how people met and fell in love. Want to join in on the Project Marriage fun? Chick here to read more.

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