The Mommyland Farm (Volume 8)

22 Jun

Things on the farm are going better than I ever imagined they would. Sure, I hoped that things would turn out and we’d have some yummy veggies to enjoy this summer, but I never thought it would actually happen. It is very rewarding to be pleasantly surprised.

The peas are growing like weeds. Everyday we’ve been able to enjoy a handful of fresh picked peas. Even Cameron has been enjoying the peas, he loves them and can’t get enough. The tomato plants have exploded! The dinky little plants we put into the ground are giant now with flowers all over them. We even have our first tomato started. The cucumbers have taken off too. I think well have a few cucumbers to enjoy later this summer.

The best news is the eggplant. Last time I told you how the eggplants had died, well they pulled through after all. It was the strangest thing, they wilted and lost all their leaves and all but disappeared. One night when I checked on the garden I noticed that what was left looked a little green and I thought I even saw some leaves starting to sprout. Bill was skeptical, but I made him water them anyway. I’m glad I did, because they’re back and better than ever. Looks like I might just have eggplants this year too…not like I’ll know what to do with them.

We actually had a bit of excitement at The Mommyland Farm this morning. I looked out the window and saw something moving near the garden, but I thought it was just outside the fence. Nope, it was inside. A squirrel was running loose inside my garden! I ran outside only to find not one, but two squirrels running like…well, like crazy squirrels INSIDE my garden. Around the plants, through the plants, all over at high speeds. I was clapping and making noise to try and scare them back out, I’m sure I looked like a lunatic. They were trapped! Both of them just kept running into the fence unable to get out.

Now I think I’m starting to panic as much as those rats with bushy tails. How the hell am I going to get these things out of the garden? My big plan was to open the front gate and try to herd them out (from the outside of the fence of course). Thankfully, as soon as I got the gate opened one of the squirrels escaped. Relief! I thought for sure that the other would follow his friend out…no such luck. This crazy ass squirrel just kept ramming himself into the fence over and over again. I went back to my plan to open the gate and herd him out, but he came running straight for me. I really thought I was going to have this furry little rat jump straight on to my head. He didn’t care that I was right there, he just kept ramming himself into the fence. Thankfully after a few minutes he found a way out under the fence. It would appear that none of the plants were damaged or eaten, just another reason to be grateful.

Our morning excitement aside, things on the farm are going surprisingly well. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the crops turn out.

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