A foodie I am NOT!

7 Jul

Today is another two part question. First, what is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Second, do I read food blogs and would I ever consider writing one?

I seriously don’t think I have any favorite foods for any meal. I tend to really like one thing for a while and then get sick of it and move on to something else. There are foods that I loved before I got pregnant with Cameron that I can’t even think about now…Crazy!

As far as breakfast goes, if my waistline could afford it I would probably have pancakes covered in syrup every single day. Just another one of my pipe dreams. I guess if I had to choose what my favorite thing to eat for breakfast is, it would be some kind of kid’s cereal. Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Trix are a few of my favorites. Along with my breakfast each day I always have a cup of green tea made with love by my Keurig Brewer.

For lunch I guess I do have a favorite that I’ve going back to since just after Cameron was born. I love tortellini! I used to eat them with Italian dressing until I found Wish Bone Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing. Boil up some tortellini and cover it in some red wine dressing and I’m good to go.

Dinner is tricky though, I like a lot of things. In the summertime I love just about anything off the grill. Burgers, dogs, chicken, and especially steak…YUM! I’m drooling just thinking about it. Through the fall and winter I make a lot of chili. Turkey, beef, white bean, kidney beans, I have a few different recipes in my arsenal. I also make some yummy casseroles. Wintertime is comfort time in my kitchen.

As far as food blogs are concerned, I never really got into them. I haven’t found one that I can really relate to and that really spoke to the needs and wants of my family. I just started to cook a few years ago. Before Cameron was born we ate out nearly every night. Once Cameron came, it was still a while before he was going to be eating what we ate. Once he was eating real food, I needed to start cooking so I knew what he was eating. Would I ever become a food blogger? Not a chance! I still consider myself a novice in the kitchen and I’m a lazy cook, I don’t think I’d have any credibility as a food blogger. I will, on occasion share a new or favorite recipe, but I would never make food my sole purpose for blogging.

Want to see if your new favorite food blogger is lurking out there? See what other campers have to say about food.

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