A long long time ago, I can still remember…

2 Jul

Day one was a cinch, giving you a peek into my home to see where I blog from was something I didn’t even have to think twice about. It would seem that day two is going to be a little more difficult for me. (Well, at least the first part)

What was I like in high school? In a word, awkward. At the time I thought I was pretty cool, but looking back now, I was definitely awkward. I had friends from a lot of the different groups in high school, but I never really felt like I fit into any one of those groups. I was friendly with a few skaters. A couple of the goth people tolerated my brightly colored clothes. Some of the snob squad was even nice to me. I was in the color guard, so most of my closer friends were bands kids. Notice I say kids and not band geeks. I was friends with a lot of the band kids because of proximity, or else I don’t think I would have been smart enough to be friends with most of them.

I’d like to think that I was pretty outgoing in high school, a far cry from the shy wallflower I am today. I enjoyed having fun(what teenager doesn’t), and I cared more about social activities then I ever did about school. I had a lot of friends, but none were too close. It seemed like every time I had a “best friend” she’d only end up stabbing me in the back. I hung out with mostly guys, I thought they were more fun and they were usually drama free.

Like I mentioned, I was in the band, more specifically the color guard…The “cool” part of the band. Band took up most of my time well into December each year, and didn’t leave time for much else. In the winter I was in the ski club, making trips every Friday after school to a local mountain. Every President’s Day weekend we took a bus trip up to Vermont to ski, that was always a blast. I ran track for a couple years, and was actually pretty good with the 300 meter hurdles, but band took my running dreams away. It’s a long story.

Outside of the school activities I was a Girl Scout. I really enjoyed Girl Scouts and was able to do a lot of fun things as a scout. My troop was known as Troop Beverly Hills since we added shopping to almost all of our activities and the girls that were a little too dorky never lasted long with us. Hey, don’t judge me, I was a damn teenager and everyone knows teenagers are mean, especially teenage girls.

When was in high school I never thought of myself as a writer. I hated writing and only really did it for my English class. I must not have been very good at it either since my 12th grade English teacher told me I wasn’t going to amount to much in life. I know, nice right?

All in all I think I was an ok kid in high school. I stayed out of trouble, for the most part and had a healthy fear of my parents if I did get into trouble. I did the least amount of actual work to get by because I wasn’t at all interested in what high school had to offer. I think I just barely graduated. I remember having to write extra essays to get into Penn State and I spent my first year there on academic probation. I was so ashamed back then, but I’m actually kind of proud now since I finally hit my stride in college and made the Dean’s List my first semester. More about that later though.

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